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Arlo Tysinger

I believe that the Holy Spirit is at work within you and your Church and I would be honored to support you as you do the work of God. I am committed to client centered coaching and am not here to tell you what you do but to discern with you how the Holy Spirit is moving, and ask you questions to help you clarify and take the next steps. Coaching is a guided conversation where we work together for the same goal. Often it is helpful to have someone to listen, encourage, ask questions, pray with you and help you make action plans. I specialize in Churches and Pastors who are reaching out to their Churches in new and inventive ways and are justice orientated. I am a Presbyterian (P.C.U.S.A) Pastor and have also worked in non-profits.

Bethany Labue

Bethany Labue is married with two daughters. She loves seeing people see Jesus more clearly and has a passion for evangelism, discipleship, wellbeing, and spiritual formation. Bethany is a church planter, professional fitness instructor, and life coach. She has her ACC Certification from ICF (International Coaching Federation) and has been professionally life coaching since 2004.  She is dedicated to supporting her clients to discover and live out their best possible lives. She loves working with church planters, entrepreneurs (starters), people in transition, and those exploring holistic wellbeing. She enjoys traveling internationally and learning from everyone she meets. Bethany has served with Communitas International, a church planting mission, since 2004. Over these years, she has held multiple roles from church planting to overseeing other church planters to co-leading global staff care and development.  She and her family have lived in various areas of the USA as well as in Italy and Singapore.  Currently, Bethany and her family have returned to live in the USA, landing in Denver, CO, where she is now the Training and Coaching Champion for Communitas’ incredible resource "Dynamic Adventure," which guides the starting and shaping of missional churches. Bethany has a Masters in Christian Education from Azusa Pacific and has been in ministry since 2002. Please contact Bethany for a free exploration call.

Bob Hyatt

Bob Hyatt is the Director of Equipping and Spiritual Formation for The Ecclesia Network. Bob has felt drawn to pastoral ministry since the 5th grade- he’s always known: this is what he wanted to do- helping people find relationship with God. This worked itself out most clearly in planting the Evergreen Community in Portland, OR in 2004. This has now expanded to also include coaching church planters and other pastors, and training others to coach and use coaching skills through Transformational Coaching. He is a graduate of Western Seminary and earned a D.Min from Portland Seminary. He’s also the co-author of Eldership & the Mission of God and Ministry Mantras from InterVarsity Press.

Brendan McClenahan

Church starters are constantly in a state of discernment, wondering what to do next, how to gather people, and how to tend to their souls. Above it all, they wonder how God is working and partnering with them. Too often, church starters are left to discern on their own. I've been working with church starters and those discerning starting a church as part of Cyclical INC and Fuller Seminary to help them gain greater clarity about their leadership, their desires, their challenges, and their spiritual health. If you're seeking to disciple others, discern God's mission in your neighborhood, gather people, or structure contextual expressions of community and worship, I would be honored to join you as a coach. Fill out the contact form to get a hold of me and we can have a free consultation to see if we're a good fit.

Brian Burman

Equipping Leaders to Flourish! I help you identify and chart a course to your desired outcome from your current reality. I ask the right questions, so you discover the right answers to increase your effectiveness. I serve as the Executive Director of Strategic Leaders Group. My coaching experience includes church planters, established church pastors, leadership teams, governance boards, and corporate high-level leaders. I am the Coaching Coordinator for the Excel Leadership Network coaching planters and training coaches. I earned a B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and attended Western Seminary.

Corey Van Huizen

Husband, Father, Church Planter, and Coach - Its my joy to enter every conversation with a curiosity that helps create awareness of your desired future. A coaching conversation with me will help you uncover God's leading in your life and a path forward to realizing it.

Dan O'Deens

Dan is a visionary architect. He understands leadership, mission and church health. He is committed to developing young leaders and equipping and empowering the church to be healthy through intentional disciple-making and equipping every member to be on mission. Dan will motivate you to embrace God’s movement by coaching you to achieve your vision. There is nothing more important to Dan than to see a healthy church mobilizing their members to be on mission. When a person or church is healthy it naturally naturally breads health. Dan is the founding Pastor of Gateway Church, serves on the global PEACE team with Saddleback Church and is the Director of Discovery for Assist Church Expansion. Dan is married to Gay, they have 4 amazing children and 9 grandchildren. He is a visionary architect, an author and thought leader.

Dan Steigerwald PCC

I help pioneering leaders and pastors engage fresh ways to lead and multiply mission-shaped communities while tending to their holistic formation along the way. Having worked for 30+ years in cross-cultural missions, church planting and pastoring, I know personally how hard and soul-depleting ministry can become. Using the language of Ephesians 4:11, I can identify with the challenges that grate on the souls of shepherd- and teacher-oriented leaders. And, I’m also equally familiar with the stresses that plague leaders of apostolic, prophetic, and evangelistic orientation. In short, my heart goes out to both those in nurturing roles and those in advancement roles - I want to help these leaders flourish and lead well over the long haul. As a coach, I am credentialed at the PCC level under the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Dr Greg Schaller

Since I was six years old I’ve held a passion for leadership. My life purpose is, In Christ, Developing and Empowering Leaders to Thrive. I’m honored to start a church plant in Atlanta Georgia and work with a network planting 400 churches around the world. Currently I’m team and individually coaching a church planting team in Tokyo attempting to start a church planting movement. My professional credentials include a professional coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation and Practitioner level Team Coach from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Further, I operate an ICF coaching school for mission focused leadership coaching. I volunteer as a professor of leadership at the Global Institute of Leadership at Andrews University training learning coaches throughout the world. I love coaching missional leaders who are planting churches and starting movements.

Dr. Dee Stokes

Dr. Dee Stokes is an entrepreneurial minister, educator, author, consultant, and podcaster who focuses on innovative ministry, purposeful leadership, and Kingdom education in an effort to "Build Influential People Who Change the World and Live Out the Gospel Practically." Dr. Stokes has spent over 25 years in higher education as a basketball coach, professor, and administrator. After 18 years as a coach, her dreams and desires turned to full time ministry. Although not roaming the sidelines, she still has a passion for athletes, coaches, and the game she loves: Basketball. Her passion allows her to impact coaches and stay involved in the game. Beside coaching at the Division I level, Dr. Dee has been a Pre-K through 8th grade school administrator, a graduate online and small business center director all while serving in the local church and as the President/CEO of Dee Stokes Ministries, Inc. Pastor Dee served over two years as a pastor (Associate & Lead) at Unity UMC in Thomasville, NC where she focused on spiritual formation, community relations, and leadership development. She has also been involved in an incarnational movement called Fresh Expressions ( Dr. Dee served entrepreneurial ministers as the Director of The Seeds Project and she has 30 years experience in education. Dr. Stokes holds multiple degrees: BA, MPA, MBTF, Ed.S., & Ed.D.

Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson works with leaders discerning their call to creative expressions of the church, helping to develop their vocational identity as well as explore ideas for new worshipping communities. As a bi-vocational pastor who also works in homeless services, Drew is committed to supporting the flourishing of all people. When not coaching, Drew enjoys rock climbing, running, and brewing beer. Drew received his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological seminary and current serves as the pastor of Knox Presbyterian Church in Washington.

Erik Samuelson, PCC

My passion is to accompany leaders in journeys of transformation as they come alive to their deep callings and act powerfully with others to change the world. I accomplish this by walking alongside leaders, teams, and communities to help them discern and move toward their preferred future--in life, in work, in leadership. Coaching is not advice giving, counseling, or consulting. Coaching is a guided a conversation in which I help you to see the wisdom you already possess and apply it in ways that will change your life and leadership. Each session will conclude with a clear plan of action and accountability to move you forward in your desired next steps so that you and your community can come alive and live fully into your God-given potential.

Greg Ellis

I’m Greg Ellis, a coach, entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, and pastor passionate about helping people live life to the fullest. With my extensive experience in different fields and industries, I help individuals, groups, and teams discover their full potential and achieve their goals. Through my coaching, I aim to help leaders feel fulfilled, serve from a place of abundance, and be excited to go to work every day. I hold degrees from Bethel University and Fuller Theological Seminary and am certified by the International Coaching Federation and Missional Formation Coaching. I coach and lead coaches at national and regional levels of the Evangelical Covenant Church and lead a house church with Communitas. I live in Savage, Minnesota, with my wife, Kari. COACHING STYLE: I provide individually tailored coaching to leaders and teams in a caring yet courageous environment; I use my leader’s heart and strategist’s mind, helping each client feel assured about their goals and be clear about their next steps to reach them! My coaching style is collaborative, supportive, and action-oriented. I work with you to identify your strengths, values, and aspirations and then help you create a plan of action to achieve your goals. I use a range of tools and techniques, including Clifton Strengths and the Birkman inventory, to help you gain clarity, overcome challenges, and achieve the results that you desire. My goal is to help you unleash your potential and maximize your performance.

Hannah Absalom

Hannah Absalom has been in church leadership for over 25 years, working alongside her husband Alex in a wide variety of contexts. Together they lead Dandelion Resourcing (, which focuses on naturally supernatural discipleship and mission. Hannah is committed to investing into the next generation, raising up women leaders, and helping families live as missionaries. Originally from England, Hannah loves living in the United States and thoroughly enjoys her three young adult sons and first daughter-in-law!

Jeya So

Rev. Jeya So is one of the co-founding and co-lead pastors of Anchor City Church, a third-culture community in San Diego, CA planted through the PC(USA). She also works as a coach, cohort leader, and in other capacities, with church leaders in several denominations and organizations, including the PC(USA)’s 1001 New Worshipping Communities, Cyclical Inc. and ISAAC (Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity) and is a contributing author to “Sustaining Grace: Innovative Ecosystems for New Faith Communities.” Although ordained through the PC(USA), Jeya's grew up in a charismatic/pentecostal church and she has experience with other denominations/traditions including Episcopalian, Lutheran, United Methodist and non-denominational church leaders. Jeya has been coaching church planters since 2014, working in particular with women, teams, those working in cross-cultural contexts, and those discerning their particular call. Jeya is in the process of certification through the International Coaching Federation.

John Terech

John has been coaching since 2009 and has achieved the PCC accreditation with the ICF and is also a mentor coach for those training for accreditation. At Flourish, John has trained over 100 coaches in the program they've developed. With a focus on leadership, vision and mission, John coaches church planters in a variety of different contexts. He is also an executive leader with ECO, A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.

Justin Beck

Justin is a trained coach through the PCUSA. He has worked with church discerners and starters in a variety of contexts. He enjoys helping people work towards their goals and assisting them in tapping into their unrealized potential.

Len Tang

In coaching my goal is to help planters discern and deepen their God-given missional calling to impact their community with the good news of Jesus Christ. My three coaching priorities are: 1. Listen deeply to planters as they listen to God, to their own desires, to their family, to their team, and to their mission context. 2. Holistically form planters to be healthy spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically by developing rhythms that fit who they are. 3. Equip planters to live on mission by helping them and their team join where God is already at work in their community. I serve as the Director of Fuller Seminary's Church Planting Initiative where I have mentored and coached church planters since 2016. From 2003-2014 I planted a church outside of Portland, Oregon, and in 2018 I planted the church that I continue to lead here in Pasadena, California. I am married to Amy and we have three young adult boys.

Mark Tremblay

Mark has been a minister of The Presbyterian Church in Canada for over 30 years. He has ministered with churches in Central Canada, Western Canada and Bermuda. He loves interfaith and multicultural opportunities that promote Isaiah’s wild social message of equality as found in the gospel of Luke specifically and the bible generally. In addition to holding an M.Div. (Toronto), Mark holds advanced degrees in Philosophy from the Claremont Graduate University (California) and the University of Wales, Swansea (UK). He is inspired by the different ways emerging churches are responding to the divine and innovating faith for the 21st century. His major intellectual and spiritual influences are Ludwig Wittgenstein and Abraham Joshua Heschel. Following coaching best practices, through listening and asking questions, Mark can encourage your growth in self awareness to enable you to become more confident in discerning solutions or next steps. Coaching can facilitate exploration through helping discover and understand the intersection of life experiences of the divine, life circumstances and natural gifts. Coaching fosters and seeks clarity which can lead to personal and professional insight leading to transformation and success.

Matt Peeples

Passionate about connecting the disconnected and helping people share the unchanging gospel to an ever-changing world. Lives this passion out through preaching, teaching, and training the next generation of disciple-makers, church planters, and ministry leaders. Matt is introduced in Auxano's vision framing process and is a Multiply group leadership pipeline development navigator. Matt is the founder and director of the Kairos Network, the founder of The Church at 10:02, and the co-creator of The Missionary Pathway. Matt is Passionated about training church planters and lay leaders who will plant contextual expressions of the church that make disciples and connect the disconnected to Jesus.

Nina Lau-Branson

Nina currently works as a coach, consultant and spiritual director (with both individuals and groups). She works with Cyclical Inc, a hub and network for ecclesial innovators and church planters, the De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary, CenterQuest, an ecumenical spiritual direction program, Center for Council, an organization that focuses on community building and communication in a wide variety of settings, and has her own private practice. Her credentials include an MBA in finance and a CPA earned while working with Price Waterhouse Coopers in their entrepreneurial services group. Nina’s coaching and consulting work is rooted in years of experience in organizational leadership, in for-profit and non-profit organizations, including work on boards and in senior management. Organizations include Fuller Seminary, Ten Thousand Villages, various denominational groups, a youth entrepreneurship non-profit, software companies and other for profit businesses. She has completed training in spiritual direction and is certified by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center in mediation and conflict transformation. During the past 20 years she has pursued a particular passion for communion with God, especially listening for the voice of God, and engaging spiritual practices that enable availability to the Holy. These varied sets of experiences and skills are brought to bear in her work with leaders and communities. Areas of Expertise

  • I work with individuals and groups toward:
  • Discernment of God’s presence and initiatives
  • Spiritual formation and practices
  • Awareness of matters around race and ethnicity
  • Organizational and leadership development
  • Social enterprise development

Pastor Gordon Fry

I'm different. Although I have years of pastoral experience, I have 2 decades of digital marketing in both the secular and church world. I understand what it's like being a bi-vocational or full time pastor. Every church planter wants to connect with the local community and I know how to do that faster than most. I connect people who have faith questions or felt needs to address with local Pastors for discipleship and a church family. I am an ordained pastor and have also been commissioned as a cyber missionary. Yes it's a real thing. I'm also a father, husband, community leader, cook, drummer and someone who specializes in making people "click on things" via church marketing. God has blessed me so that I can in turn bless you. Any donation will be accepted but I promise you what I'll teach you provides value on its own.

Randy Weener

As a coach, I strive to be attentive with the Holy Spirit to the unique call of every church planter and the culture of every plant. I come alongside pioneer leaders to help them maximize their partnerships in order to multiply disciples, leaders and ministries. My past 2 decades have been devoted to church planting as a planter, regional leader, coach, denominational church multiplication director, and D.Min. and school of hard knocks student. I have worked with multiple cultures and models and with many sending churches and organizations. Rounding out my career, I have past experience in youth ministry, music and church revitalization. My wife and I have been blessed with 3 married children and 5 grandchildren. My hobbies include bicycling, motorcycling, kayaking, woodturning, music making, reading, gardening and traveling. I’d love to hear your story. Contact me for a free consultation.

Reid Stafford

My name is Reid Stafford; I serve as the Discipleship Minister at the Oikos Church. A growing church plant that started in January 2022. I received my Master of Divinity from Harding School of Theology and certificate training in Spiritual Direction from Lipscomb University. I am here to offer no-cost spiritual direction for church planters who desire to grow their awareness of God's presence in their life and ministry as they plant churches. Spiritual Direction is a slow and prayerful conversation where one person listens for the other person to discuss and discern God's presence in your life through thoughtful questions and the Holy Spirit. This can be a much-needed formative time in a church planter's life and a time to receive care in the midst of difficult moments in ministry. Spiritual Direction meetings happen once a month on Zoom. If you are interested, reach out for an initial interest conversation.

Rev. Erik Samuelson, ACC

Erik Samuelson, ACC is a leadership and transformation coach who works with individuals, teams, companies, churches, non-profits, and educational institutions. He is the founder of "Come Alive Coaching" which offers coaching, workshops, practices, and resources to individuals and communities looking to deepen their impact, launch or renew their organization, and develop leaders. Erik is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and is certified in new and renewal ministry in the denomination. He has led, consulted, and/or coached a number of new ministry starts, missional communities, networks, and congregational renewal efforts. He holds the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation, and is in process toward the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. Erik also does coaching through Vibrant Faith. More information can be found at and

Rex McDaniel

After college (Occidental) and following seminary (Fuller) I served first as a youth pastor (9 years) and then as pastor (31 years) in three Presbyterian churches. My wife, for nearly 50 years and I have raised two children and now play a role in the care and maturation of three granddaughters. Since retirement I have focused on helping persons inhabit the next incarnation of the gift they are from God to the world.

Rob Schellert

As someone who is passionate about exploring creative ways of being church as well as creative ways to engage with the local community, I have spent the last 20 years starting and leading innovative faith based communities and nonprofit organizations. I’ve worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Egypt, just to name a few countries. As an ICF ACC credentialed coach, there is nothing more that I enjoy than supporting leaders in their growth, through transitions and in innovating creative ways to engage with their communities, while balancing care for themselves. To keep myself rooted in practice, I am also part of a leadership team of a newly formed faith-based community in Portland, Oregon.

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is a creative coach and digital communication strategist living in Los Angeles, CA. Ryan is a graduate of MATM program at Fuller Theological Seminary and also holds a B.A. in Psychology from Michigan State University. Ryan specializes in social media and digital communication strategy. He also has experience in fundraising and has built programs for small churches and non-profits to become sustainable using crowd-sourced funding and other unique ways to generate revenue. When he is not coaching, Ryan enjoys making music and spending quality time with his son, Reece.

Tom Fay

I am a graduate of Duke University with a Doctor of Ministry. I earned my Masters at Fuller Seminary in Global Leadership. My Bachelors degree is in Psychology from Simpson University. Education is extremely valuable, but I also have a wealth of experience in the business world. I am an entrepreneur and have started and operated several companies. As such I am well aware of the need for capital and cash flow. I have raised over $20 million for enterprises which shows I know how to talk to investors of all types. I have started and operated companies in multiple countries so I also understand multi-cultural communities. My church planting goes back many years, and it was successful. Fifty years ago I started a Bible College which still operates. I am also an author of a book about George Müller that is currently being made into a movie. I believe I have much to add to your situation. I have no need or desire to profit from the gospel, thus I keep my rates very low. I think you will be surprised by the value of the coaching I can give to your life and ministry.

William Wilson Whittenberg

After over 20 years of church-planting in different teams and contexts, I wish I had had good coaching. I wish the teams I was on had access to good coaching. I want to be the coach that I wish I had had when I started in missions way back then.
I wish I had had a coach to:
  • Help me understand context and how to apply the Gospel
  • Help me to be confident in my calling and gifting
  • Help me understand how I measure success
As a coach, I see my role as being first a listener and observer, then as one who helps you explore your calling and context, and how your strengths and giftings (and those of your team) can have the most impact for God’s mission.
Other than coaching church-planters in and out of my Communitas community, I am a musician and missional bartender based in Berlin, Germany,