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Mark Tremblay

gadfly coaching service


$80-$109 / hour


Mark has been a minister of The Presbyterian Church in Canada for over 30 years. He has ministered with churches in Central Canada, Western Canada and Bermuda. He loves interfaith and multicultural opportunities that promote Isaiah’s wild social message of equality as found in the gospel of Luke specifically and the bible generally.
In addition to holding an M.Div. (Toronto), Mark holds advanced degrees in Philosophy from the Claremont Graduate University (California) and the University of Wales, Swansea (UK). He is inspired by the different ways emerging churches are responding to the divine and innovating faith for the 21st century. His major intellectual and spiritual influences are Ludwig Wittgenstein and Abraham Joshua Heschel.
Following coaching best practices, through listening and asking questions, Mark can encourage your growth in self awareness to enable you to become more confident in discerning solutions or next steps. Coaching can facilitate exploration through helping discover and understand the intersection of life experiences of the divine, life circumstances and natural gifts. Coaching fosters and seeks clarity which can lead to personal and professional insight leading to transformation and success.


Coaching: Fuller Church Planter Coaching Certificate, Master of Divinity (MDiv), and Other

Mental Health:

Types of Planters

Any Kind of Planter


Leadership Formation, Missional Planting Dynamics, and Other




Women in Ministry: Egalitarian

Sexual Ethics: Progressive


All denominations and traditions and Reformed