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Too few church planters are connected to a web of supportive relationships. Not only are they much more likely to burn out, but also they are more likely to leave behind an unhealthy church. You don't have to be a lone church planter. Use our directory to find church planting networks and coaches to support you.


Avoid leadership burnout.


Improve spiritual health.


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Lead into sustainability.

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PlanterMatch, hosted by the Fuller Church Planting Initiative, matches church planters with the church planting networks and church planting coaches that can help them flourish. Filter by context, theology, and methodology, and we will match you using a streamlined process to help you more quickly and easily find partners for Kingdom impact.

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We're church planters, too.

Having planted churches ourselves, we understand how essential it is to find partners and training in this difficult and yet rewarding season of planting churches. Because your vision is sometimes more than you can handle alone, you often have more questions than answers.

Fuller Connects Church Planters to Networks and Coaches

That’s why I love working as the Director of the Church Planting Initiative at Fuller, the world’s largest interdenominational seminary with 110 denominations representing 90 countries. And as we graduate over 1500 students each year, we have learned that partnering in the formation of leaders is one of the best ways we can join in God’s mission for the world.

Len Tang


Len Tang

Director of Fuller Church Planting Initiative









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Four Ways To Discern Your Call To Church Planting

Four Ways

"We do not simply wake up one day and decide to plant a church. In response to the call that God has been forming in us over many years (and possibly decades) before we ever considered starting a new church, we then train—much like athletes train—to live into that call."



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Not everyone is ready to connect with a coach or a network. Maybe you need space and time to discern your call.

This eBook will give you some questions and frameworks to discover if and when God is calling you to plant a church.

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