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Pastor Gordon Fry

Christian Collective

Howell, Michigan

By donation/elective


I’m different.

Although I have years of pastoral experience, I have 2 decades of digital marketing in both the secular and church world. I understand what it’s like being a bi-vocational or full time pastor.

Every church planter wants to connect with the local community and I know how to do that faster than most. I connect people who have faith questions or felt needs to address with local Pastors for discipleship and a church family.

I am an ordained pastor and have also been commissioned as a cyber missionary. Yes it’s a real thing. I’m also a father, husband, community leader, cook, drummer and someone who specializes in making people “click on things” via church marketing.

God has blessed me so that I can in turn bless you. Any donation will be accepted but I promise you what I’ll teach you provides value on its own.


Coaching: Other

Mental Health:

Types of Planters

Any Kind of Planter, Planter Couples, Urban Planters, Rural Planters, Micro Church Planters, House Church Planters, Missional Community Planters, and Launch Large Planters


Launch Strategy, Missional Planting Dynamics, Social Enterprise/Business, and Other


Arabic, Bengali, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Other


Women in Ministry: Complementarian and Egalitarian

Sexual Ethics: Traditional


Anabaptist, Anglican, Baptist, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Lutheran, Non-denominational, Pentecostal/Charismatic, Reformed, Restoration, and Wesleyan/Methodist