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William Wilson Whittenberg


$80-$109 / hour


After over 20 years of church-planting in different teams and contexts, I wish I had had good coaching. I wish the teams I was on had access to good coaching. I want to be the coach that I wish I had had when I started in missions way back then.
I wish I had had a coach to:
  • Help me understand context and how to apply the Gospel
  • Help me to be confident in my calling and gifting
  • Help me understand how I measure success
As a coach, I see my role as being first a listener and observer, then as one who helps you explore your calling and context, and how your strengths and giftings (and those of your team) can have the most impact for God’s mission.
Other than coaching church-planters in and out of my Communitas community, I am a musician and missional bartender based in Berlin, Germany,


Coaching: Fuller Church Planter Coaching Certificate

Mental Health:

Types of Planters

Any Kind of Planter


Conflict Management, Fundraising, Launch Strategy, Missional Planting Dynamics, and Team Building


English and Other


Women in Ministry: Complementarian and Egalitarian

Sexual Ethics: Traditional, Progressive, and Mediating position


All denominations and traditions, Baptist, Non-denominational, Pentecostal/Charismatic, and Progressive