Pillar - Small

The Pillar Network is a community of SBC & International Baptist Churches that are doctrinally aligned, missionally-driven, & committed to equipping, planting & revitalizing churches, TOGETHER. Pillar churches share a common DNA:

1) GOSPEL PROCLAMATION: We proclaim the gospel of our Sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;

2) BIBLE-BASED: We submit to the Bible as our final authority in all matters of belief and life;

3) LIVE EXPOSITION: We promote live, expository preaching to equip the church;

4) ELDER-LED: We encourage churches to be led by a plurality of male elders/pastors;

5) CONFESSIONALLY BAPTISTIC: We cooperate as Southern Baptists too fulfill the Great Commission;

6) KINGDOM MINDED: We commit to kingdom multiplication through church planting and revitalization.

Organization Type: Network


Africa, Asia, Australasia (Aus, NZ and Pacific Islands), Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, and United States


Urban, Suburban, and Rural

Characteristics of Partner Churches

Theological Traditions

Baptist and Reformed

Stance on Women in Ministry


Stance on Sexual Ethics


Planting Models

Traditional Launch, Missional / Incarnational, and Other

Worship Styles

Liturgical, Contemporary, and Other

Support Offered

  • Assessment
  • Coaching and/or Mentoring
  • Ongoing community/peer support
  • Conferences, Seminars, and Gatherings
  • Courses and Cohort Training
  • Residency and Internship Opportunities
  • Funding
  • Admin support