Anchored by Christ Presbyterian Church in New Haven, CT, we are a Church Planting Network and Theological Collaborative in Mission Ecclesiology committed to strategically targeting locations needing church planting movements informed by a “Total Christ” understanding of the church, which we define as Gospel Centered (a covenantal, “high gospel” spirituality), Missionally Present (a Temple, “high Church” spirituality and ecclesiology), Confessional (Christ our Prophet), Sacramental (Christ our Priest), and Communal (Christ Our King). Founded in 2013, MA has planted 20+ churches around the world and is committed to planting at least three more in Southern Connecticut. We are actively involved with defining and executing church planting strategy; encouraging, coaching and supporting planters; recruiting, assessing, and developing interns; fostering a church planting culture; and cultivating and allocating financial and other resources toward “Total Christ” church planting.

Organization Type: Denomination and Network


All locations


Urban and Suburban

Characteristics of Partner Churches

Theological Traditions

Anglican and Reformed

Stance on Women in Ministry

Complementarian and Egalitarian

Stance on Sexual Ethics


Planting Models

Traditional Launch, Multisite, House Church, Micro Church, and Missional / Incarnational

Worship Styles


Support Offered

  • Coaching and/or Mentoring
  • Ongoing community/peer support
  • Conferences, Seminars, and Gatherings
  • Courses and Cohort Training
  • Residency and Internship Opportunities
  • Funding
  • Admin support