Foursquare Multiply East Central - Small

As a network of pastors, planters, and kingdom-minded leaders, Foursquare Multiply seeks to train, network, and multiply the next generation of Foursquare churches across the East and Central United States.

RESOURCE: Foursquare Multiply provides our Church Planters with a robust 2 year training roadmap to planting, as well as a program for our Network Partners to be trained in how to become a church planter multiplier.

NETWORK: Three times a year, we gather in strategic cities across the East and Central US for two days of feasting, fellowship, worship, prayer, and training from some of the most catalytic church leaders both within and outside our movement.

SUPPORT: Church planters receive an Advisory Team of fellow Multiply partners who help guide them as they develop and execute their project. As well as, if a planter is called to an area without a Foursquare presence, we help locate a church where they can incubate as they prepare to launch their own church project.

Organization Type: Denomination


United States


Urban and Suburban

Characteristics of Partner Churches

Theological Traditions

Evangelical and Pentecostal/Charismatic

Stance on Women in Ministry


Stance on Sexual Ethics


Planting Models

All models

Worship Styles

Liturgical and Contemporary

Support Offered

  • Assessment
  • Coaching and/or Mentoring
  • Ongoing community/peer support
  • Conferences, Seminars, and Gatherings
  • Courses and Cohort Training
  • Residency and Internship Opportunities
  • Funding
  • Admin support