Scott Austin

412 Project

San Antonio, Texas

$80-$109 / hour


Born in the 1970s, I am a proud child of the 80s! I came to Christ during my senior year of high school in the 1990s. I have served several large churches as an executive, Next-Gen, and 20-something pastor. In 2010, a group of close friends and I planted and continue to lead The Park Community in San Antonio, Texas.

As a Co-Vocational practice, I work as a Business and non-profit Consultant, Church Planting Coach, and coach with V3 Movement.

My passion lies in contextual missiology and big-picture strategy, but I also enjoy diving into the details and understanding the nuances that shape our work and strategy. This enthusiasm drives my commitment to making a meaningful impact.

My church planting journey began with a difficult transition out of one of the largest churches in North America. Eventually, we established a healthy relationship. While navigating the challenges of mobile church, neighborhood engagement, multiple parishes, and the pandemic, we have landed on a hybrid strategy that includes a centralized Sunday worship gathering and a decentralized strategy for neighborhood ministry.

I have had the privilege of studying contextual theology at the graduate and postgraduate levels while remaining committed to being a practitioner.

I am passionate about the local church and love to advocate for men and women joining God in the renewal of their cities.


Coaching: Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and Other

Mental Health:

Types of Planters

Planter Couples, Micro Church Planters, House Church Planters, and Missional Community Planters


Conflict Management, Launch Strategy, Leadership Formation, Missional Planting Dynamics, Social Enterprise/Business, Team Building, and Other




Women in Ministry: Complementarian

Sexual Ethics: Mediating position


All denominations and traditions